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Musings of a Curious Aesthete

“During an interview with a journalist from a shelter magazine I was asked, ‘So, what’s it like being an aesthete?’ I was taken aback. I took the question as a veiled criticism, not as a compliment. Aesthetes, I thought, were vain, pompous, self-absorbed creatures obsessively preoccupied with beauty. Is that how I came across? More importantly, is that what I was? After pondering that question for a few months I concluded that yes, I probably was an aesthete, at least in part. I have always been drawn to beauty. Understanding beauty was the basis of my life’s work. By beauty I mean the highest aesthetic good. It was in beauty that I found an almost inexhaustible source of pleasure and meaning. And it was in beauty that I discovered a world that finally made sense. (Well, sort of.)”


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